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Bergen Premiere Dentistry - Dr. Ciercierega

Dr. Ewa Ciecierega

Dr.Ewa Ciecierega was born in Poland. She attended and graduated from highly regarded Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences Dental School in Poznan, Poland. After moving to the United States with her husband, she continued her career at New York University Dental School, NY where she studied dentistry. Subsequently, she was accepted and graduated with honors from University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, PA in 2007.

During her studies, she actively participated in various community projects that included helping medically compromised patients. With her caring attitude and gentle touch, Dr.Ciecierega is providing an excellent care to her patients. She looks forward to creating a great patient experience for you and your family. She resides with her husband and two boys in Bergen County.

While she is not making people smile she loves to spend time with her family.She is constantly looking for new places to go, enjoys good movies ,books and new restaurants.

Bergen Premiere Dentistry - Dr. Zorawska

Dr. Magdalena Zorawska

Dr.Zorawska’s emphasis on patient’s comfort, as well as, keeping up to date with latest advancements in dentistry enables her to provide the highest quality of care to her patients. Dr. Zorawska has committed herself to excellence in dentistry as both a practitioner and your neighbor.

Dr.Zorawska arrived to the United States in 2003 from Poland where she completed with honors a 5-year dental program from a distinguish Medical University in Lublin. She then continued her education first at New York University Dental School, NY and then University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, PA where she graduated from in 2007. She actively participated in community projects and used her expertise to teach first and second-year dental students in a preclinical lab.

In 2015, Dr.Zorwaska developed her interest in Invisalign and she is actively participating in Dawson Academy courses.Dr. Zorawska lives with her husband and two children in Bergen County.When she is not actively performing dentistry she loves to play sports.She is a big fan of skiing and horse back riding which she started to enjoy in her early childhood.

Drs. Zorawska and Ciecierega while sharing their passion for dentistry became also friends in private life. They traveled to Fiji to serve the dental needs of underprivileged children at Lautoka Hospital.

In 2007, Dr. Ciecierega and Dr. Zorawska became proud and successful owners of E&M Dental in North Bergen, NJ, which now has two locations. In 2016 they opened the new state of the art office in Ramsey NJ, Bergen Premiere Dentistry, which is dedicated to serve excellent dental care.

Dr. Ciecierega and Dr.Zorawska are active members of Amercian Dental Association,Academy of General Dentistry and New Jersey Dental Association.

Our Team

From top left:

Natalia (Hygienist)
Dr. Magdalena Zorawska
Dr. Ewa Ciecierega
Joannie (Receptionist)
Ivy (Assistant)

Bottom Left:

Martina (Receptionist)
Rita (Receptionist)

Bergen Premiere Dentistry - Staff

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